About me


My name is Jan Malmstrom and I am a photographer.

I live in the countryside of Sweden about an hour drive from Stockholm. I am surrounded by forests, cows, lakes, horses, bees, snow (in winter), neighbours (sometimes).
In the photograph above, taken by my partner Janet, you see me in deep snow and –26°C temperature. (Yes, a teeny-weeny chilly…).

In 1973 I purchased my first camera (an Olympus OM1 for all you tech kids), which seems a very long time ago… anyway… a friend and I went out and started to explore the world of photography. We constructed our own makeshift lenses; we experimented with infrared film types. We pushed the ASA (American Standards Association, and before ISO) film speed up and down, left and centre. We subscribed to American Photo.

My mother, who liked to travel, brought me along and one of my first trips abroad went to USA 1970. At that time I was equipped with a small, cheap Kodak Instamatic and I was snapping dogs, streets and relatives. But some years later, 1978 to be precise, I went back without the Instamatic and mother. By this time I had already photographed many hundreds rolls of film with my Olympus and felt quite comfortable with this all-mechanical SLR small single-lens reflex camera. This trip later became a story in it’s self (www.usa1978.com).

The exploring travel bug had got me for real and I through the years I took every possible chance to go and see other parts of the world. I am still hooked, and travel as much as possible even today. Photographic equipment has changed and the technical side have improved, but I still love taking images much in the same way as back in the days of 1978.

When it comes to assignments, I have been fortunate to work with really nice clients. And regardless shooting on building sites in central London or grapes in the Tuscan landscape, or a conference room in Stockholm, they all come with its own challenges. But I love it.